Game Corp DX – Mini Review!

What is it?

Game Corp DX is a game development tycoon game, where you’ll play as the owner of a games development company that, with the right hires and correct management, you’ll be able to forge into the world’s greatest company. It’s an inexpensive game that offers you a decent variety of genres of games to build, and also a good number of traits that go with your staff members to add a bit of challenge to your gameplay.



Value for money.
Staff come with random traits – can be good or bad – to mix up gameplay.
Fairly addictive.
Yearly awards can be fun.
Very shallow.
No real challenge to it.
Icons are shabby at best.
Very shallow.
You have almost no input into actual development of games.


Game Development tycoon games are growing in popularity, and it’s clear that developers are keen to make the most of this by releasing their version of what games development simulators should be like. For the money, Games Corp DX is worth it – just about. It’s very shallow and once you get to grips with it, there’s no challenge whatsoever in securing awards and top-rated games, but for £2, it’s definitely got charm. It’s not overly complicated and works pretty well, so if you wanted a cheap and quick game to get you through a boring patch, then this is well worth it.


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