Game Dev Tycoon – Mini Review!

Game Dev Tycoon - title

What is it?

Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you in charge of a small games development company. Initially you start as a one-man team but build your company up to having a research and design lab and a marketing department to better sell your near-perfect blend of video games.


Windows, Mac & Linux

Choose from a vast array of combinations to create your desired games
Easy to dip into
Good level of micro-management
Can be unclear which games will perform well for new players
End game is largely pointless
Game ratings determined by what you’ve made in the past


A surprisingly addictive game that I thoroughly enjoyed during the story. At the end it can be very frustrating trying to get all of the achievements as the game doesn’t entirely take into consideration your team skills or the appropriateness of your game combination.


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