German Fortress 3D | Mini Review

What is it?

German Fortress 3D is a first-person shooter created by Nikita “Ghost_RUS” and published by Ghost_RUS Games. Set in World War II, you must infiltrate a Nazi fortress known as ‘The Beast’ to stop them from launching a ballistic missile.



Uninstall button works fine.
You shoot Nazis.
Textures, sprites, sounds and music are stolen from various sources.
Plays like Wolfenstein 3D, but worse in every way.
Looks laughably amateurish.
Mouse controls are horribly sensitive, and you can’t shoot enemies on the keyboard.
You can’t pick up ammo for weapons unless you equip it first.


This game is a violation of the Geneva Convention. There’s not an original bone in the body of this bucket of tripe hastily slapped together in Raycasting Game Maker – software that should never be used for anything intended on being commercially released – and it’s barely playable. Avoid it like radiation.

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