Get a Grip – Mini Review!

What is it?

Get a Grip is a physics based game which is sees you stuck climbing a tree in a burning jungle. You’re tasked with saving a panda while climbing the tree and avoiding snakes and the ever-rising fire. There are plenty of zones to traverse as you climb the endless tree, which is regenerated in every game, meaning it’s always fresh and new, even if you’ve been playing it for hours. It’s a great little game, available solely on mobile devices which will definitely provide a challenge to all comers.


Android, Windows Phone & iOS

Good music.
Innovative gameplay.
Fun objectives.
Vibrant visuals.
Very hard at first.
Flames don’t seem to rise consistently.


Although I’m absolutely horrible at this game, I’m seemingly compelled to try and beat my previous score. It is difficult at first, but the more you play it, the higher you’ll climb and the more awesome you’ll feel. I’ve not played a game similar to it on a mobile device and it really was an enjoyable game. Definitely one I’m keeping on my phone and one I recommend you play too.


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