Gigantic Army (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Gigantic Army is a side-scroller sh’mup developed by Astro Port and published by Pixel Heart. You’re a field engineer with a robot suit, and you’re helping fight an army of mechanical menaces on planet Ramulon.


Switch & PC

Three effective primary weapons and special attacks to pick for your loadout.
Very powerful melee attack.
You can slide or briefly fly with your jetpack, perfect for dodging attacks.
Pretty high enemy count makes battling them a fair challenge.
Decent visuals.
You can beat the entire thing in less than an hour.
The amount of HP you get from pick-ups, and from entering a new level, is pitiful.
Boss battles are inconsistent in difficulty and quality.
Level design isn’t anything spectacular.
Aiming is pretty terrible on Switch, as both analogue sticks aim while one is attributed to movement.


Janky aiming, shoddy audio mixing and too few levels on offer just doesn’t justify a full-price purchase of this rusty game. Playing it on the Switch might be a suitable choice for easy in-and-out playtime, but it doesn’t make the experience much better – aiming with the analogue stick doesn’t help one bit.



2 Stars


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