Golf Club Wasteland | Mini Review

What is it?

Golf Club Wasteland is an indie golf game that has you play on a golf course made up of the remains of an abandoned Earth, complete with crumbling buildings and rubbish everywhere.



Lovely art style.
Phenomenal music.
Surprising, but great story.
Enjoyable if not taken too seriously.
Inconsistent physics?
No quick reset.
Trial and error over skill.


Golf Club Wasteland is a great golf game, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. There’s a great soundtrack, coming from a radio that also doubles as telling you a great deal of background story which is compelling and interesting. There’s plenty to enjoy, but the physics don’t really work too well as it never seemed I could hit the ball consistent distances, despite having used the same power or angle. Overall though, well worth it.


4 Stars