Golf With Your Friends – Mini Review!

golf with your friends

What is it?

Golf With Your Friends is an early access title, which as the title would suggest, lets you play golf with your friends. Not just any golf mind you, the best kind of golf: mini. Despite it still only being in Early Access, there are a lot of different maps with a lot of cool holes to play.



Great variety of maps.
Graphics are quite nice.
Great multiplayer fun.
Brilliant recreation of mini golf.
Rubbish in single player.


Golf With Your Friends is a great game – as long as you have people to play it with. I tried it single player and, while it was fun, it quickly got dull after half an hour or so. There are a lot of courses to play, and a lot of variety of holes within those courses, so you will get your moneys worth, especially if you play it with friends.


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I love these kinds of games. They’re deceptively simple but end up being even more fun than an in depth game when playing with friends. Reminds me of those tiny simple games people break out a lans all the time