Governor of Poker 2 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Governor of Poker 2 is a poker game released on mobile and Steam, and it occasionally lets you play poker in between adverts. You play against all sorts of people at various stakes all throughout Texas, and in general, the poker isn’t terrible for a video game. It also has a bonus of looking rather nice for a mobile phone game.


Steam, iOS & Android

Looks pleasant enough.
Decent poker play.
Constant adverts.
Game is a little unresponsive.
Half the game locked away for free to players.


I’m a big poker fan. I used to play a lot at uni, and still play occasionally now, but it’s rare that I get the opportunity to play with real people, so I’ve taken to finding video games where I can play poker. On the whole, it doesn’t really fill the void all that well, but there are a few decent ones out there. Governor of Poker 2 is a good example of a poker game, but it’s a terrible example of a video game. I’ve never been so bombarded by adverts in my life, with ads popping up almost every minute, even between hands. The game may look great, and the poker may be passable, but the constant adverts make this game an awful experience. It gives me the impression that the developers hate anyone playing the free version and see them as lost money or something, because it really is atrocious. Definitely a game to avoid.


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