Grim Dawn | Mini Review

Grim Dawn - Battle

What is it?

Grim Dawn is an action RPG playable either single player or multiplayer, set in an apocalyptic world where humankind is on its last legs. You are tasked with questing through the land, clearing out all the various scourges that are scattered across the map.



Good soundtrack.
Loads of quests.
Really fun in multiplayer.
Enormous world.
Lots of different class combinations.
Conversations can be missed when playing in a group…
But playing solo seems a bit boring.
Weird music prompts.


Grim Dawn is a great game if you’re playing it with other people. I was actually a little surprised by how engaging and fun it is. It’s incredibly deep, with lots of quests to crack on with too, and despite looking a bit dated now, it’s still a terrific game. Well worth playing.


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