Gun Gun Pixies | Mini Review

What is it?

Gun Gun Pixies is a third-person shooter developed by Idea Factory and SHADE, and published by PQube. An alien race known as the Pandemonians dispatch two alien soldiers, Bee-tan and Kame-pon of the Pixie Squad, to infiltrate an all-female sorority home full of university students on planet Earth. By observing them in their natural habitat, the Pixies must help the girls by shooting them with ‘happy bullets’ without being spotted, in between exterminating rodents, collecting trash, and so on.


PC & Switch

Cutesy visual novel cutscenes.
Lots of weapons and outfits to choose from.
Stealth mechanics work fairly well.
Unabashedly lewd, as promised.
Mission objectives lack variety.
It’s seldom made clear where you need to go.
Having to revisit and explore the same bedrooms repeatedly is hardly a joy.
Stiff controls, pathetic jumping mechanics and dodgy camera that keeps getting stuck.
Low-quality graphics and clunky framerate.


Cute artwork and jiggle-physics alone aren’t enough to salvage Gun Gun Pixies from its plethora of visual and performance issues, nor its lackluster gameplay. When the shooting mechanics in a third-person shooter intended on titillating players fails to satisfy (in more ways than one), what you’re left with is a woeful waste of time and money.


1 Star


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