Gunpowder – Mini Review!

What is it?

Gunpowder is a physics based puzzle game set in the old wild west. You play as Incendio, an anthropomorphic fox who has had enough of the money grabbing banks and decides to take inspiration from Robin Hood. You’ll spend the game trying to blow up as many of the banker’s safes and piggy banks in the most efficient manner given your limited supply of gunpowder. There’s a lot of different ways to do this, and a lot of wacky and fun scenarios to play through, so it never gets old.


PC & iOS

So much variety.
Fantastic art style.
Easy to pick up and play.
Brilliant mechanics.
Almost entirely destructible environments.
Some of the levels can be a little too easy.


As puzzle games go, Gunpowder is definitely up there as one of the better ones. It is a game that Rogue Rocket Games, the developer, can be extremely proud of as it is an absorbing and enjoyable play for all ages. It is a game that never gets old as, as you progress, you’ll find there are more and more things to interact with in order to achieve your goal. It’s a well thought out game and it’s brilliantly executed, so definitely well worth picking up and playing.


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