Guns of Mercy: Rangers Edition (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Guns of Mercy: Rangers Edition is a side-scroller, and a phone app-to-console port. Beneath the Earth lies an army of aliens. Rangers have been called in to solve the problem. Equipped with a deadly weapon and a mech suit, you must fulfil the kill quota on each stage before heading back into the lift. .




Effective armory of weapons and power-ups that can be upgraded.
Special ability lets you wreck havoc in a mech.
Four-player couch co-op, and no microtransactions ruining the fun.
Lovely, colourful pixel art.
You don’t have to start from the beginning when you replay the game, though you’ll unlock more challenges if you do.
Level design remains the same.
The prices tags on the guns and upgrades and are awfully high.
Fairly samey gameplay throughout.
You can only shimmy to the left and right.


So long as you don’t mind a fair bit of repetitive gameplay and grinding, having to shoot down many one-hit kill enemies attacking from above and the sides can be quite thrilling. It’s anything but merciful, but boy, is it good fun.

3 Stars


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