Harvester | Mini Review!

What is it?

Harvester is a point-and-click game developed by DigiFX Studio and originally published by Virgin Interactive. It was released on PC by Night Dive Studios in 2014. Waking up in the 1950s town of Harvest as the amnesia-stricken teenager Steve, you must find a way to enter the mysterious temple in the center of town known only as The Lodge. The eccentric and disturbing townsfolk are adamant that you sign up to the Order of the Harvest Moon cult (the chaps who own said building) as soon as possible. Inside is a series of disjointed rooms and challenges that must be overcome in order to find out the truth…



Sharp and scathing social commentary.
Can be disturbing or funny at times, sometimes both.
Numerous secret quests and dialogue choices.
Some good mood-setting songs.
Too much dialogue with a few weak voice performances alongside.
Combat is atrocious, and you need to do a lot of it in the second half.
Grainy visuals and dated special effects.
Nonsensical solutions to some puzzles.


Clunky and confusing though it may be, Harvester still has charm. Its special effects may look a bit ugly, but the game really pushed beyond the boundaries of taste in order to make biting comments on things like violence in the media, American ideals, censorship, and so on. While dialogue is plentiful, almost to the point where a casual chat can feel like a soliloquy, you can expect some funny quips and disturbing events that take place in the game.

The second half is where things go a bit downhill, as some of the commentary feels a bit shoe-horned as you explore numerous rooms that either feature some easier-than-before puzzles, or a few enemies. Such a shame that fighting in Harvester results in little more than flailing your weapon around until the baddie falls over.

Harvester is a bizarre, unique title that’s weighed down with a handful of irritable flaws. However, it’s definitely worth playing at least once.


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