Hayfever (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Hayfever is a side-scroller by Pixadome and Zordix AB. Poor Thomas the Mailman suffers from some serious allergy problems. After sneezing away the mail he was supposed to deliver, the sniffly gent decides to put use his sensitive snout to help him journey through many dangerous environments in order to get the letters back. In each of the 140 levels on offer, you’ll need to use his runny nose to your advantage, as it can help him jump higher and fly further. 


PC & Switch

A generous amount of checkpoints and quick respawning.
Polychromatic, pixelated visuals and peppy soundtrack give it a warm and friendly demeanour.
Puts up a challenge without making you want to go postal.
Can charge up your sneezes or use coloured smog clouds to help you get about.
140 levels on offer (plus bonus missions), with a few twists that mix things up.
Quite a lot of checkpoints are placed right near a hazard; you may instinctively run into them after respawning.
You can’t rely on level warps or mission skips.
Analogue controls don’t work that well.


Despite some slight issues with the controls and movement, Hayfever is still a perfectly viable title with a sizable amount of content, thanks to its easy-to-learn sneezing mechanic and the numerous power-ups on offer. This satisfying side-scroller smells like a winner.


3 Stars


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