House Flipper (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

House Flipper is a simulator game originally developed by Empyrean; the Switch version was developed and and published on Switch by Ultimate Games. You play as a “one-man renovating crew”, and your goal is to renovate and repair houses. You can do odd jobs for various clients to earn cash to buy houses, which you can then renovate and sell on to prospective buyers for a profit.


Switch, also available on PC, PS4 or Xbox One

Addictive gameplay
Calming Sims-esque soundtrack is a nice accompaniment
Seeing your renovated house is satisfying.
Controls are sometimes wonky
Meager and entirely pointless gyroscope features
Input lag can sometimes be hard to wrangle with.
PC version’s DLCs and updates not included.


House Flipper on Switch is more or less the same old House Flipper we know and love – renovating houses and decorating them with whatever you want is fun, satisfying and unusually addictive. However, I’d only recommend the Switch version if you have no other means of playing it. The input lag, framerate issues, the paltry insertion of motion controls (which let you waggle the Joy-Con to sweep things up and nothing else) and lack of any of the existing DLCs make this a hard sell if you have a computer that can run the more feature-rich and up-to-date PC version. If you absolutely need a portable House Flipper fix though or don’t have access to the PC, PS4 or Xbox One versions, the Switch version is good enough.


3 Stars

Want to know more?

House Flipper is available from the Switch eShop for £22.49/$24.99.

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