Influent – Mini Review!

What is it?

Influent is an edutainment game designed to help users learn new languages. You control a person walking around their one bedroom apartment and everything you can see, you can click on to find a translation for it, which is the point of the whole game. There are hundreds of words to learn, and the game will definitely help you learn them all.



Great to look at.
Brilliant learning tool.
Lots of different languages supported.
Continual tests help you learn.
Words limited to just what you’d find in an apartment.
Doesn’t teach grammar.


As it goes, it’s definitely one of the better and more ingenious ways to boost a person’s vocabulary. I’ve been trying to pick up a few extra languages and Influent has really helped me learn hundreds of new words to boost my knowledge of other languages. It doesn’t teach grammar, which could be an issue for people who are just starting to learn a language, but for those who already have a good grounding in the language and just want to boost their vocabulary, there’s nothing better than Influent.


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