Jet Kave Adventure | Mini Review

What is it?

Jet Kave Adventure is a 2.5D side-scroller by 7Levels. The protagonist, Kave, is a former chief of a tribe of cavemen. After a failed hunt, he ends up getting himself exiled from his clan. Suddenly, he stumbles across an alien in a crash-landed UFO. In the wreckage, he finds a jetpack, which he uses to pursue the invader in order to save the island from destruction.



Visuals and set pieces are all vibrant and detailed. runs at an optimal and consistent framerate.
Slick and speedy movement, with a jetpack for floating and quickly zipping along.
Soundtrack is made up of tribal chants and drum beats that really give it a whimsical, prehistoric-feel.
Creative and well-designed levels that remain accessible for less experienced players.
There are a handful of different events that’ll mix up each mission.
There aren’t any rewards for grabbing all the collectibles.
Poor controls during the glider sections.
Basic, no-frills combat.
Boss battles are formulaic with their attacks and are very dull.
A bit pricey.


Jet Kave Adventure is a satisfactory, if primitive, side-scroller. Its simplistic objectives, mediocre combat and fairly short length makes it a tough recommendation at full-price – just under £20, to be exact. Still, its detailed visuals, adequate level design and the slick movement in the game makes it a half-decent experience, moreso for side-scroller newbies.


3 Stars


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