Jetpack Jack – Mini Review!

What is it?

Jetpack Jack is an indie arcade mobile game in the same vein as Flappy Bird, except in this game you’re a cheerful penguin named Jack, with a jetpack attached to his back. You need to eat fish and pass through the gates to proceed through the game.


Android & iOS

Sound / music is decent.
Fun in short bursts.
Two modes.
Devs could do with some lessons in user experience.
Incredibly slow to start.


Jetpack Jack isn’t a game I can play for lengthy periods, but it’s a good game in short bursts. It has a couple of different modes to play and, while they do start at a snail’s pace, it does get quite challenging as you progress. It’s let down by the lack of consideration to the user experience, with the game doing things unexpectedly occasionally, such as flipping the orientation. Worth downloading though.


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