Jydge | Mini-Review!

What is it?

Jydge (no, that’s not a typo) is a top-down shooter developed and published by 10ton Ltd. In the futuristic metropolis known as Neon City, crime statistics are skyrocketing. As the Jydge – a cybernetic, peacekeeping juggernaut created by the police – you must fight through numerous dangerous locations in order to take down any and all lawbreakers, while ensuring the safety of the civilians. Tasks can range from neutralizing gang member leaders to confiscating credits and collecting evidence.


PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

  • Varied and challenging objectives for each mission; changing the difficulty mixes them up
  • Oodles of weapon types, upgrades and special abilities
  • Destroyable environments and intricate level design offer numerous methods of entry
  • Eclectic soundtrack with a futuristic vibe
  • Text-to-speech voice acting
  • Stealth-centric objectives can be a pain


Laying down law and order in Jydge is always a fantastic romp. Each level has a small laundry list of objectives to complete, which you can always revisit to achieve at a later date. Completing these will unlock more content in the game. Thankfully, each level has numerous points of entry (shoot through the front door, hack side-entrances, blast your way through walls, etc.), so revisiting these missions never gets dull or samey. The amount of customization on offer is staggering, too, with a wide selection of upgradable perks and weapons. It has a decent selection of instrumental rock, hip-hop and electronica tracks that fits the futuristic setting of the game quite well, though couldn’t they have hired some actual voice actors?


Jydge oozes replayability, and is a perfect pick for anyone who loves to shoot, loot and give crime the boot over and over.  


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