Killing Floor – Mini Review!

What is it?

Killing Floor is a survival-horror type game, but with waves of mutants coming at you. It’s a bit old now, but it still holds up fantastically, and there are plenty of maps to explore and try to survive in.



Horror setting pulled off impeccably.
Team working is so important.
Great variety of monsters.
Lots of different classes to master.
Plenty of different maps to try and beat.
Looking a little dated now.
Can get annoying trying to find the last monster on a large map.


Killing Floor is a top game. When you have a solid team, all on mics, battling towards survival it’s a really great experience. There are plenty of nasties to try and kill, and Killing Floor is adept at forcing you to work as a team. When playing it on a harder difficulty, there is no one-man-army in the game, you absolutely have to work as a team, and I’ve not found many games that are as good at doing that as Killing Floor is. Definitely pick this game up.


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