LA Noire Remaster – Mini Review!

What is it?

LA Noire is a detective game set in the late 1940s, that sees you play as Detective Cole Phelps. Cole is a decorated ex-marine who now serves as a police constable on the LAPD, rising up to be a detective in the later game.


PS4, XBox One

All DLC missions available.
Still a terrific story.
Voices and acting are top notch.
Enjoyable side missions and collectibles.
Graphical remaster not the greatest.
Saving functionality a bit flaky.


The re-release of LA Noire is decent. It’s nice having all the DLC missions and seeing Cole Phelps detect things around Los Angeles is as fun as it was when it released on PS3. The graphical update hasn’t gone quite so well though, with characters having very blocky, rigid features, especially around the ears and mouth. Probably worth £30 if you were really into LA Noire, but if you’ve already played it to completion on the PS3, then you won’t need this version.


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