Left 4 Dead 2 | Mini Review!

What is it?

Left 4 Dead is a first-person survival horror shooter developed and published by Valve. Four survivors must work together as they shoot their way through zombie-infested towns, forests and more. Occasionally, they will have to hold their position to fend off swarms of zombies and horribly-mutated ‘Special Infected’ that can deal a lot of damage.


PC, Xbox 360

Polished shooting mechanics with many zombies and a wide number of Special Infected to fight.
A huge amount of great game modes to work together or compete in.
Flexible director AI spawns items and enemies based on progress made, can even alter the weather. AI allies are usually pretty helpful.
A wide arrange of levels with some unique, stand-out events (e.g. rushing across a bridge to reach a helicopter). Can play original Left 4 Dead maps, too.
Bigger arsenal, melee weapons, and more items to keep you alive.
You’re still gonna hear characters yell “reloading!” a lot.


The amount of content and polish in Left 4 Dead 2 makes it one of the best games to snag on Steam. There’s a whole slew of maps, weapons and items, as well as a huge number of Special Infected to play as. Game modes like Scavenge and Survival are full of replayability, too. Plus, if you ever get bored, you can go to the Steam Workshop and download the piles of mods on offer. Basically, the sequel tops the previous game in every conceivable way.


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