Left 4 Dead | Mini Review!

What is it?

Left 4 Dead is a first-person survival horror shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studio and published by Valve. Four survivors must work together as they shoot their way through zombie-infested towns, forests and more. Occasionally, they will have to hold their position to fend off swarms of zombies and horribly-mutated ‘Special Infected’ that can deal a lot of damage.


PC, Xbox 360

Enjoyable shooting mechanics with oodles of enemies to kill.
Co-op, versus and survival mode are all well balanced and great fun .
Flexible director AI spawns items and enemies based on progress made, companions are surprisingly helpful.
Large levels with ‘crescendo events’ that spawn swarms of zombies.
A cast of likeable characters that occasionally say different lines during events.
Visuals look a little bit dated.
You’re gonna hear characters yell “reloading!” a lot.
Not a lot of variety with the weapons or items on offer.
Maps can feel a bit samey.


Left 4 Dead was great for the time, but it’s showing chinks in its armour after a decade. It’s still packing some satisfying, zombie-slaying survival horror, without completely devoiding you of supplies. Still, it’s best to stick with the sequel, since that’s a straight-up improvement in every way in terms of content, polish, visuals, and the fact that you can play the original L4D maps in it.

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