Left 4 Dead – Mini Review!

What is it?

Left 4 Dead is a zombie horror movie, but in a video game format. Taking on the role of Bill, Zoey, Francis or Louis, you have to shoot your way through the zombie hordes to saftey in this FPS classic.


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Always challenging.
Steam workshop opened up new possibilities.
Great maps.
Decent array of weapons.
Mimics a zombie horror movie pretty well.
Hackers were an issue last time I played.
Completely replaced by L4D2.


Left 4 Dead is a fantastic multiplayer game. Playing it solo isn’t quite as fun, but it is still decent. The maps in the original game are some of the best Valve have come up with across the two games, but as these are present in the second game, it makes the first kind of redundant. Only get it if you are unable to get L4D2.


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