Loco Roco – Mini Review!

What is it?

Loco Roco is a cutesy platformer game, first released on the PSP, but has since been remastered on the PS4. You play as a giant blob, who can split into smaller blobs and merge back in order to solve puzzles.



Wonderful artwork.
Incredibly cute.
Plenty of strongly designed levels.
Lovely soundtrack.
Some areas are extremely tricky and frustrating.
Different blobs don’t really have any difference.


Loco Roco was one of the first PSP games I ever played, and it is certainly one of the cutest games out there. Obviously, games shouldn’t just be judged on their cuteness, so it’s just as well that Loco Roco has some of the best platforming available on the PSP as well. A top game, and if you can get it, do so!


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