Lone Survivor – Mini Review!

What is it?

Lone Survivor is a retro styled survival horror game that takes a young boy on a quest to survive against all the nasties that live around him. You’ll travel around the neighbourhood, either fighting or fleeing from a good number of disgusting creatures that really inspire terror. It also has multiple endings, so you can keep coming back to try and see the best ending possible.



Phenomenal art style.
Well designed world.
Great soundtrack.
Multiple ways to play the game.
I’ve played it a few times and I still have no idea whats going on.
Very easy to forget what it is you need to do.
The main character looks very, very happy (I do know it’s a surgical mask!).


This is a great survival horror game. I’ve never been too keen on them before because I scare easily, and although this one did set my heart pumping quite frequently, it was amazing. There were no jump scares or anything of that ilk, just creepy surroundings and scenes that make you feel as uneasy as Jasper Byrne, the developer, intended. Add into the equation the fantastic retro styled artwork and masterful soundtrack and you’ve got yourself a game that you simply must play.


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