Mad Games Tycoon – Mini Review!

What is it?

Mad Games Tycoon is Eggcode’s entry into the ‘Game Development Tycoon’ genre, and although it is still in early access, there is definitely still enough about the game to consider buying it. With plenty of different offices to expand into and many different departments to build and hire people for, the game is a real cross between Game Dev Tycoon and Theme Hospital.



Great look and feel.
Mostly intuitive.
Around a dozen or so different departments to build and hire people for.
Lots of different options to build your company the way you want.
A lack of a real tutorial really harms the game.


Although the game is somewhat intuitive, there is a lot in the game that remains unexplained to the player and effects of certain actions or items are only ever really revealed after you act or place the item down. It could certainly do with a much more in depth tutorial, or even a help menu, but aside from that, this is probably one of the best games in the genre I’ve ever played. While I’ve been burned before, Mad Games Tycoon certainly restored my faith in the indie developers of today, as I’m sure it will to you too.


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