Metal Gear Solid V – Mini Review!

What is it?

Metal Gear Solid V is the latest instalment of the hit Metal Gear Solid series developed by Konami. It pulls together all the things that have made the series so great over the past two decades, with stunning visuals, base management functionality and great stealth gameplay. As you’d expect, there is also a lot of cutscenes, but they have definitely toned it down from MGS4.


PC, PS4, XBox One

Looks amazing.
Loads of weapons.
Plenty of side ops.
Stealth aspects are great.
Kidnapping has never been such fun.
Story is a bit wacky.
Although there are plenty of weapons, in order to get the best mission rankings, you’ll only ever really use two or three.


The Metal Gear Solid series is a series that every gamer should try at some point. It’s great to look at, wonderfully fun to play and offers a lot of stealth features that other games can’t match. The fifth instalment is no different, and although I think the story is one of the oddest I’ve come across, it’s still a terrific game to play.


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