Minit | Mini Review

What is it?

Minit is an indie adventure game in the same style as Zelda, but with one major difference – you’re only alive for a minute at a time. You’ve got to find your way around the world, complete your adventure, all while you die every minute.



Unique idea.
Simple but lovely graphics.
Solid mechanics.
Could have built on the gimmick a little better.
Game is relatively short for the price.


Minit is a pretty fun Zelda-like game, and I did enjoy it for a short period, but after an hour or two I’d seen most of what the game had to offer, which was a little bit disappointing. I did feel like they could’ve utilised the minute-long lifespan a bit better, perhaps resetting more than just where the player is, but overall it’s a fairly fun game for a short period.


3 Stars


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