Moto Chicken – Mini Review!

What is it?

In Moto Chicken you play as a chicken on a motorbike as it dodges between traffic. To play you drive the bike left and right across a road collecting coins as you go. You can unlock new bikes and levels along the way.


Android & iOS

Clean aesthetic.
Free (has ads).
Poorly thought out.
Different bikes are purely aesthetic.


I would not recommend this. If you choose not to cross at the earliest opportunity and play it safe then the game will screw you over making it impossible to get to safety before cars hit you. There’s no skill, you HAVE to follow the path it wants you to take. Hit detection feels off too. For your efforts the coins you collect are made largely pointless by the sheer number you need for upgrades which end up being just aesthetics. Unlocking levels requires getting a fairly high score and with the poor design it makes it hard to get that far. If it weren’t for the frustrating control and design it may have potentially been a game some young kids could enjoy however the ill conceived message, when you don’t play for a while, “Hey! Shouldn’t you be playing in traffic?” isn’t something you want them hearing and really makes be believe it’s not a game for anyone.


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