Mr Prime vs Gravity – Mini Review!

What is it?

Mr Prime Vs Gravity is a platformer game which sees you play as Mr Prime, who has to make it through various mazes with the power of reversing gravity as he needs to.



Lovely retro graphics.
Decent soundtrack.
Variety in level design.
Feels kind of like a rip off of VVVVVV.


Mr Prime vs Gravity is one of the only mobile games that I’ve ever played that actually had me glued to my phone as I played it. Usually I only play mobile games while on a train or on the toilet or something, but this one has charm, challenge and a lot of enjoyable gameplay. It helps that I’m such a big fan of VVVVVV, which is where this game gets all of its ideas from. Get it if you’re a fan of challenging platformers!


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