Neo Cab | Mini Review

What is it?

Neo Cab is a visual novel created by Chance Agency and published by Fellow Traveller. As Lina, a human taxi driver in a futuristic society, you must give people rides while taking part in conversations that can have a big effect on the events unfolding around you.


PC, Switch

Interesting sub-stories and memorable characters .
Well-written dialogue that ranges from thought-provoking to downright shifty.
Multiple endings.
Lina’s emotional state can affect the dialogue choices you can make.
Chill vaporwave soundtrack is a mood-setter.
Anti-corporation narrative is ham-fisted and a bit pretentious; some cringy lines of dialogue reflect this.
Stiff facial animations.
Difficult to stay both financially afloat and maintain your user review score.
Not a particularly lengthy title.


Neo Cab is a wonderful visual novel with many great stories to share and thoughtful conversations to take part in. Admittedly, it’s not a lengthy title, and some of the major themes are pretty on-the-nose at times, yet it’s immersive enough to justify a purchase, and a second or third replay.


4 Stars


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