Neon Struct – Mini Review!

What is it?

NEON STRUCT is a first person stealth game, set in modern times, that sees you play as ex-spy Jillian Cleary attempting to clear her name in a world where she is being hunted down. It’s a decent premise and is executed reasonably well, although some aspects still left me wanting more.



Decent premise.
Lots of hidden items to find.
Good stealth mechanics.
Great music.
Too easy to dispose of guards.
Levels are very simplistic.
Graphics are very basic.
Story could do with some work.


I’m a sucker for stealth games, and the fact that Neon Struct bills itself as a game where you must move around secretly and live off the grid made it really jump out to me. It did definitely offer me some enjoyment, sneaking around the levels and finding hidden geocaches was pretty fun and the music is excellent, but the simplicity of the game as a whole really detracted from the experience as a whole. The levels are overly simplistic and the roaming guards far too easy to dispose of once you learn the knack, and although I don’t really like to focus on graphics too much, it does look very basic which ruined any immersion for me. Overall, the game isn’t bad, but it’s not great either and so I’d recommend you avoid this title.


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