NEStalgia – Mini Review!

What is it?

NEStalgia is an online multiplayer role playing game, developed by Silk Games. It’s styled as you would expect – in a retro theme, reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System the game is named for, and it looks superb. There are plenty of different locations around, a lot of cool quests to do and a cast of interesting non-player characters populating the map to make the game come alive, even in single player mode. It offers turn-based battles which, while you’d probably expect that from the game, can get a little boring, especially as you’re not allowed to hammer away at the hotkeys as that would look too much like a robot doing all the work.



Great graphics.
Lots of quests.
Befriend enemies to bolster your party.
Really does a good job of instilling players with a nostalgic feeling.
No real direction about what to do or where to go.
Tutorials barely explain the basics.
Constant grinding required.
Walking is slow.
Barely anyone online on the servers.


NEStalgia is a great attempt at creating a wonderful game experience, and to those that have played it for a very long time, it’s a very rewarding experience. It performs very well of giving me a good nostalgia kick, and with plenty of quests to do, there is a lot to stick around for. There is a downside to it though, in the form of starting out. I played it for a few hours and even though quests did tell me what I needed to do, at the start I was roaming around the map slaughtering slimes that gave me one experience point each, and inflated my expectations of my character. When I tried to fight something a little harder, I was immediately slaughtered, which led to me grinding more, and then dying again and again. It’s pretty punishing in that regard and with no-one online to ask for help or direction, it was pretty bad in all honesty. I’m sure at some point this game was very good, it’s just that at this current point in time, it’s definitely not. Something I’d avoid if I were you.


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