New Star Cricket | Mini Review

What is it?

New Star Cricket is a cricket based spin-off of the New Star Soccer game, in which you play as a young man wanting to make his way in the game of cricket. You play matches and try to balance a social life as well as your team responsibilities in order to reach the top of the cricket world.


Android & iOS

Solid mechanics.
Doesn’t require a lot of cricket knowledge.
Plenty of things to do in a game.
Almost have to do the microtransactions to keep playing.
Some aspects could do with more explanation.


I quite like New Star Cricket, despite not actually being a big fan of the sport in general, but it does ramp up the necessity to perform microtransactions to keep playing. It’s because of this that I’m not sure about recommending it. Sure, you’ll probably get by with not having to pay, but it does make some parts of the game extremely difficult, if not impossible.


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