Nightmare Reaper | Mini Review

What is it?

Nightmare Reaper is a retro-inspired first-person shooter by Blazing Bit Games. A mental patient is locked away in her asylum cell. When she sleeps, she enters a nightmare realm where she heroically fights hordes of monsters. In each randomly-generated level, you must hoard weapons and gold while buying upgrades to keep you in top-condition. After exiting a level, you must sell all but one weapon for cash.



Good pixel art and gibs galore.
Friggin’ massive arsenal with effective alternate attack modes.
Fun little mini-game to play in order to acquire upgrades.
Intriguing premise with lore drip-fed to you as you progress.
Random events add crazy twists at unexpected times.
Gameplay can become tiresomely repetitive.
Some legendary weapons are overpowered as heck and become an overeliant crutch.
Random level generation can produce some familiar-looking areas.
When killed, flying enemies may drop health pick-ups in the air where they aren’t possible to reach.
A mostly bread-and-butter enemy roster with iffy boss battles aren’t that swell.


Nightmare Reaper ramps up the action while watering down the complexity of level exploration and thoughtful enemy placement. Those who just want to blitz through hordes of monsters might love stepping up to the challenge, though it’s best enjoyed in moderation.


3 Stars


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