Not a Hero – Mini Review!

Not a Hero

What is it?

Not a Hero is a game where you beat the ever-loving custard out of bad guys, in order to promote the campaign of BunnyLord. It’s a retro-styled, run and gun misadventure that is stuffed with action and humour.



Great retro graphics.
Brilliant humour.
Lots of different levels.
Fun characters to play.
No checkpoints.
Sharp uptick in difficulty towards the end.


Not a Hero is a wonderful game. Challenging without going over the top, amazing humour and some gorgeous graphics. That is, at least, for the first two-thirds of the game. The last third is rather trickier and introduces some one-hit-kill enemies that do make for some tear-your-hair-out playing. Perhaps it’s just that I’m shit at the game, but I struggled through until that and it really got overly difficult pretty quick. Still, worth playing, for sure.


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