Oh… Sir! – Mini Review!

What is it?

Oh… Sir! Is a game that can only really be described as an insult simulator. Designed by Vile Monarch for a game jam, it is made to look like a standard one-on-one fighting game, but instead of punches, you and a friend will be throwing insults at eachother to do damage – the more bizarre the better.



Looks decent enough.
Genuinely funny insults.
Voice acting is pretty good.
Somewhat limited.


Oh… Sir! Is a game unlike any I’ve ever played before. It has a unique concept, that was very well executed and presented. The developers knew what they wanted to do with it and made it perfectly, with no additional frills to complicate the matter. Also, considering it was made in 42 hours at a game jam, it’s pretty incredible that it’s so well polished. Definitely fun, definitely worth playing and even if I’ve not completely sold you yet, the game is free, so that should make the price right for anyone.


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