Out of the Park Baseball ’19 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Out of the Park Baseball ’19 is a baseball management and simulation game, from the well known Out of the Park series. In it, you can step into the shoes of a general manager and/or manager and play through current leagues, future leagues or even just leagues you create on your own.



Plenty of different difficulties.
Create a league mode is great.
Clear attributes that make it obvious what a player’s strengths are.
In match play is great fun.
Overwhelming for novices.
Skipping days gets interrupted too frequently by news.


For a complete baseball novice like me, it was a tough game to get into at first, but I stuck with it. The matches are great fun to play, and it’s a bit easier than Football Manager to identify good / bad players, as there aren’t as many attributes to a player. It’s good fun, though if you’re not a baseball fan, it may not be the game for you.


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