Payday the Heist – Mini Review!

What is it?

Payday the Heist is a first person shooter game centred around a criminal gang taking scores from the next big target. There are a good number of various levels to shoot your way through, with challenging difficulties and a decent arsenal of weapons and abilities to kit your chosen heister out with.



Excellent level design.
Variety of levels to enjoy.
Great characters.
Very challenging.
Mechanics work well.
That damn drill!
Stealth is not prioritised in the game enough.


Being Overkill’s first major release, it’s a surprise that the experience is a fluid, enjoyable and addictive one. There are very few bugs to note, and the running and gunning all works very well. There are plenty of good heists to partake in, which all have amazing levels that have excellent attention to detail throughout. It’s disappointing the stealth aspect is a little light, but as a co-op FPS, this game is unrivalled at the price, potentially even being better than the sequel. Definitely something to pick up.


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