Penguin Cave Rush – Mini Review!

What is it?

Penguin Cave Rush is a Flappy Bird like game where you control a flying penguin, navigating it’s way through an endless ice cave. Along the way you collect gems for powerups and various upgrades.



Cute art style.
Innovative take on Flappy Bird’s gameplay.
Leaderboards to compare scores with friends or the world.
Sounds can be a little annoying.
Difficulty is inconsistent.
Tapping the screen moves only a tiny amount requiring you to often tap very fast.


After a swathe of exact Flappy Bird clones it’s nice to see something that’s a bit different. The control of the penguin can sometimes be finicky however once you get used to it, it’s really quite fun. I’d recommend this as a good time waster and also something to challenge your friends with to see who can get the best score. A great casual game to play for a few minutes here and there.


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