Penny Punching Princess – Mini Review!

What is it?

Penny Punching Princess is an adventure game developed by NIS America. In it, you play as a girl who was once heir to a massive empire, but her father got deposed by corrupt individuals who cared only about money. You use this fact against the enemy, as you punch, bribe and kill your way back to the top of the pile.


Switch & PS Vita

Bribing functionality is nifty.
Levels have plenty of hidden treasures.
Armour creation is well thought out.
Average in most regards.
No autosaves.


Penny Punching Princess does have a pretty cool bit of functionality in the bribing of enemies to work for you, but I found the rest of the game pretty average at best. The lack of an auto-save as well was particularly irritating, as it caused me to lose some progress. Not worth it in my opinion.


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