PhD Math – Mini Review!

What is it?

PhD Math is a challenging maths game where the answer is always one, two or three. Sounds easy, right? This game is anything but. You have a very short window of time to press the correct answer before time runs out on you and you’re given a comical ranking. The time limit increases as you progress, but the difficulty of the questions does too, making the game an addictive challenge.


Android & iOS

Fast paced.
Good difficulty curve.
Funny rankings system.
Ads are in the game, but are not really noticeable and never intrude.
Can lag a little bit, causing your game to end prematurely.


There’s not a whole lot to this game, and what it sets out to do, it does very well. I found myself playing it for decent periods of time as I kept wanting to beat my not unreasonable score of fourteen. Definitely worth picking up as it is very addictive and very simple to play.


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