Pokemon Sun and Moon – Mini Review!

What is it?

Pokémon Sun and Moon are the seventh generation of Pokémon games developed by Game Freak. Featuring a whole new Hawaii-inspired island and a bunch of new Pokémon, this long-awaited game gives you the opportunity to explore multiple islands to become the best that the islands has ever seen.



Great new Pokémon designs.
Solid gameplay.
Decent ideas for trials.
Fun, upbeat soundtrack.
Lack of Dexnav was disappointing.


It must have been tricky to think of what direction to take Pokémon in, but Game Freak have done well here. Introducing a handful of new creatures, with redesigns for all the older ones was a really smart idea. It still plays like the other Pokémon games in the series, with a few nice touches added on. It’s not going to be a world beater, but it’s definitely a solid enough game.


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