Pokémon Sword | Mini Review

What is it?

Pokémon Sword is the counterpart to Pokémon Shield, and together they form the eighth generation of the Pokémon series. In this version, you play as a child in the Galarian region of the Pokémon world, where Pokémon can “dynamax” and increase in size during battles.


Nintendo Switch

Good length to the story.
Decent post-game story.
New Pokémon designs are decent.
Removal of HMs – while not new for this – is extremely nice.
Not all Pokémon are available.
Feels a bit easy.


I played Pokémon Sun & Moon and after that I skipped a couple of versions as, while they weren’t bad, I thought the Pokémon series had slightly lost it’s way. With Sword and Shield though, it feels like things are getting back on track, and it is a lot of fun to play through. It’s definitely a bit easier, levelling is significantly faster than it used to be, but it’s a return to form and a game that all Pokémon fans should enjoy.


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5 Stars

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