Portal Knights – Mini Review!

Portal Knights

What is it?

Portal Knights is a survival-creation type game, in the same mould as Dragon’s Quest Builders or Minecraft. With fantastic visuals, the game was originally released on PC a year ago, but has found it’s way onto consoles recently.


PC, PS4 & Xbox One

So many different items to build.
Good story.
Decent character creation.
Procedurally generated areas gives unlimited replayability.
Not always intuitive.
Can get a bit cluttered on screen.
Pets are a letdown.


I enjoyed Portal Knights to a certain degree. It certainly has it’s flaws, but they are massively outweighed by the quality of the other areas in the game. Having a near unlimited amount of different places to explore means you can replay this game until your hearts content. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend hours upon hours building some incredible creations, which just makes this game worth having.


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