Postal 2: Paradise Lost – Mini Review!


What is it?

Postal 2 was released over ten years ago, but recently new life was given to it in the form of Paradise Lost, some new downloadable content that picks the story up ten years after you left off in the town of Paradise, after the nuclear attack. If you’ve never played Postal 2, it’s insane. You play a psychopath just trying to get by in his day-to-day life. There are a wide variety of weapons to use and disgusting behaviours to participate in, as well as plenty of citizens around the town of Paradise to slaughter.



Loads of weapons.
Fun ways to mess with people.
Absolutely brutal.
Graphics have not aged well.
Lots of bugs.


Postal 2 offers you a brutal game that does not worry about breaking any social no-nos. There are plenty of hilarious caricatures of almost every section of society in the game, all of which you’re more than welcome to murder in horrifying ways. If killing people isn’t your thing, then feel free to drop your pants and urinate on them, or even drop some dog poop on the floor in amongst some donuts and watch the police gobble it up. It was riddled with bugs when I played it though, so much so that it wouldn’t let me finish the game, so that kind of ruined it for me. It’s still fun though, and by now I expect the bugs have all been ironed out, so definitely worth picking up, especially as it’s under a fiver.


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