Postal Redux | Mini Review

What is it?

Postal Redux is a top-down shooter by Running With Scissors, and a remake of the first entry in the series. Crazed gunmen are roaming the town of Paradise and they’re out to get you (or are they?). The sadistic Postal Dude has little choice but to slaughter as many hostiles as possible in over 20 levels set in a supermarket, carnival and even a parade.


PC & Switch

Plenty of hard-hitting weapons and handy explosives to help you rack up the death toll.
Arcade-style Rampage mode has lots of replayability.
Skin-crawling atmosphere; aspects of the game are left are up for interpretation.
Disturbing soundscapes paired with an frenetic electronica soundtrack.
Deathmatch and co-op are great fun.
Notable difficulty curve at the beginning of the campaign.
Rocket-firing turrets and homing missile enemies can be a big nuisance.
Executions are mostly pointless in the campaign mode.
Could’ve done with bots in deathmatch.
Multiplayer isn’t an option in thw Switch.


A huge improvement over the original game in every single way. Postal Redux is a thrilling and sadistic shooter with a very affordable price tag. The occasionally-strenuous but addicting gameplay while on the go is a big plus-point, while the creepy atmosphere, solid selection of weapons and cracking arcade mode-equivalent is a joy to replay over and over. Bag it – you won’t regret it.


4 Stars

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