Powerless – Mini Review!

What is it?

Powerless is a mobile indie text adventure developed by Narratio. It’s a survival game that sees you trying to survive for as long as possible in a world without electricity.



Nicely paced.
Tells a decent story.
Plenty of different choices to take.
Decent skills rating after each simulation.
Only on iOS.
Despite options for replayability, may get a bit samey.


Powerless is an interesting idea, and definitely one that I enjoyed playing through multiple times, despite it getting somewhat samey after a while. It’s disappointing that it’s only on iOS, and also that it’s quite a lot of money to part with for the game though. I do still recommend it as it is one of the better text adventures over the past few years, but I would imagine only fervent fans of the genre will fork out the money for it.


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