Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES2018) is the Pro Evo game for the 17/18 football season. As you’d expect with a Pro Evo game, it’s all about football.


PC, PS4, XBox One

Super strong football mechanics.
More teams than ever.
Decent Master League updates.
Player switching seems off.
League mode is weirdly incorrect.
Commentary is diabolical as ever.


I’ve been waiting for PES2018 for a little while, and as I’m solely a Master League player, I think it’s terrific. There are some bugs that need to be worked out, and the commentary is probably worse than it’s been for a few instantiations. It’s still a good game though, and the football that gets played is really strong. Definitely get it.


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